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Article published 27 juin, 2017 at 15:05 in category : ACTU - EVENT, ALL NEWS, NEWS



We can’t talk about Ibiza without making allusion to the hippies’ style from the 60’s,70’s. When the young generation who didn’t wanted to embedding the values of the consuming society started sewing and put different pieces of fabric together  (known as patchwork), they created their own hippie style.

This style is nowadays more modern and stylish with a mix of influence, such as the gypsy or romantic style that are seducing fashionistas in the world.


If you want to get the fashionable style, this is the panoply to adopt to walk the streets of the neighborhood of Dalt Vila (the old town) : Suede boots, fluid materials, lace, fringe, denim shorts, tote bags, colorful and golden jewelry, long dresses, cropped tops, glasses…


The few hippies who remain to the island, will receive you with arms wide open.



Dany & Patricia




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