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« A fashion first time… » by Naomi

Article published 19 juillet, 2013 at 23:57 in category : Export, INTERVIEWS

My first time in the backstage of a fashion show…

1013118_10151536015218977_1351499123_nMy name is Naomi, this summer I wanted to do a summer job. I had the amazing chance to work at OOB magazine. Thank’s to that opportunity I discovered  a lot of new things!

On of them was the Haute couture fashion show of Serkan Cura. A feather designer absolutly incredible. The editor in chief handed me  a camera and told me to take pictures of the backstage and the fashion show. It was great !

I saw how they look after the models ; makeup, hairdressing, clothing. It was a special atmosphere. Some people were very stressed, which is normal, and some were very relaxed. There was a strict planning that everyone had to follow.

I tried to squeeze through everybody to take interesting pictures. It is at that moment that I felt the competition between photographers but I did my best to make the most of the opportunity of being here. In the end my pictures were not bad at all .

I saw as well all the technical parts and all the preparation of a fashion show, what a job …

This job showed me that the fashion world is much more complicated than it looks like. There is competition everywhere, in every domain. Everybody is searching for originality and pushing their limits and that must be the exciting part of fashion.

This week was incredible. I hope I will have an opportunity like this soon !



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