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« A night like this » by Ralph Wenig

Article published 13 mai, 2013 at 16:43 in category : Beauty, Export, Fashion, HAIR, MAG #0, MAKE UP

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– What does « too much is not enough » mean to you ?

To assume a look, a life style, our personnality, life itself, going against the actual fashion point of vue, getting our own style that doesn’t change evry 6 months because of the fashion industry.

– About your shooting, how did you work on it and how did you approach the subject?

A revival of childhood and the first nights out in clubs ! The music that fits with those memories, and the first disc covers inspired by the 80’s music band, like Bauhaus, The Cure, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Nina Hagen, David Bowie, Joy division, etc.


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oob-maquette-ld- N°0-120


oob-maquette-ld- N°0-121


oob-maquette-ld- N°0-122



oob-maquette-ld- N°0-124


Photographer: Ralph Wenig

Stylist: Sheyma Gherabli

Makeup: Jabe @ B Agency

Hair: Muriel Vancauwen @ B Agency

Nails: Kathy @ B4 Agency

Models: Alex Yuryeva @ Silent Models

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