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Article published 30 avril, 2015 at 15:00 in category : ALL NEWS, BEAUTY SECRETS, Export, LA MAIN NUDE, NEWS


« T’as beau pas être beau, ho ho ho ho, Monde cinglé, hé, hé, hé, hé, J’t’ai dans la peau, oh, oh, oh, oh, J’t’aime, t’aime, t’aime… Faut dire qu’il y a quand même, Des mecs qu’ont du soleil, Dans la tête, Sur ma planète, Des mecs qui pensent pas, Que c’est chacun pour soi, Qui se tendent les bras, Sur ma terre à moi…J’t’aime, t’aime, t’aime »
Soundtrack : T’as beau pas être beau by Louis Chedid. Single “ T’es beau pas être beau ”


deflushAnyone who has ever walk in a LUSH’s temple, knows he walked the temple of good smells, preservative-free products manufactured by « Bryn » or « Nicky », with best before dates,with a majority of fair traded products and a flat refusal of animal testing, unnecessary packaging, silicone and preservatives.
But he especially sensory memory explosion of colors and scents of sold loose products and small recyclable black pots that seem to come from a comic book. Lush take care of each and everyone, offering creams and cosmetics « Care Bears powaaa » bubble gum and girly, or sometimes « here’s nature in your face, » I smell bitter lemon but I’m super efficient . There’s even glitters if you want …
But my nude hands were wise. In my small basket, only two products. Yes, only two: a butter for my cuticles « Doigts de fée » and a body cream « New Charity Pot« .


« New Charity Pot » is a cream that smells harsh, it remains a LUSH thing, but it smells like nature .. For me it is a small Proust’s madeleine .. It reminds me of Africa and its beautiful smells and cocoa pure shea.

The cream is soft, spreads and melts on the skin before you could say “cheese”, and contrary to what one might think, only a small amount is needed for our thirsty body. And the smell slowly fades.
Plus, this rich body cream (and hands, no kidding …) is based on fair traded olive oil, organic and fair traded cocoa butter Colombian and scented with essential oils ylang-ylang and geranium and rosewood. That’s it, you start to imagine?

deflush-5And that’s not all. « New Charity Pot » Self Preserved allows to reinvent our commitments to NGOs, because for the record, 100% of profits are donated to charities supported by LUSH « except VAT that goes to the State » .. It ‘ not me saying it is LUSH!
Decrypting: There’s no harm to take care of yourself, it’s for a good cause! Animals, humans and the environment.
And yes, LUSH campaigns. This is not a dirty word.
My « New Charity Pot » reverse its profits to BLOOM, an association that fights for the ban on deep-sea trawling in Europe.
And yours?

PS: No, I’m not leaving without talking about the butter « Doigts de fée » THE butter for cuticles. Trust me, try it only on evening. Texture is very thick, very consistent and requires few minutes to penetrate. The famous perfume invigorating does not make me want to smell my own skin but makes me want to try doing the dishes with my naked hands to see if it is as effective as my dish soap .. BUT it works !! So … Let’s go..

La main nude for OOB.

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